August 16, 2016

Darrell Hill, Olympian

Professional Track and Field Athlete, Darrell Hill

Major: Rehabilitation and Human Services

Hometown: Darby, Pa.

High School: Penn Wood High School

Sports: Wrestling, Football, Basketball, Track

Event: Shot Put


There is no doubt that Darrell Hill, 23...

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So what are your Spring break body goals? We all have seen or tried those 10

-day workout and diet plans to lose weight. Many may want their body to be like Teyana

Taylor after Kanye West dropped his video Fade. Teyana Taylor clarified that all she did was dance to get her body together. No special diets, she ate all the regular foods she normally did. Reading things like that seem like you could have a hot spring break body in...

November 28, 2016

Hey ladies (and gents)! Looking for the perfect exercise to tone up your derriere? Lucky for you, because we have some to offer. Check out these exercises from Monika Santini to maximize certain areas of the body while minimizing your worries about not having your ideal summer body!


  1. Place your feet shoulder with apart with your back straight and toes pointing forward.

  2. Extend your arms out straight so they are par...

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