A Boogie @ PSU

On Friday January 26th, 2018 Penn State’s organization SPA (Student Programming Association), had an upcoming rapper by the name of A-Boogie perform in Alumni Hall in the Hub. Although it was not promoted as much as previous concerts were, the outcome was something that not many people had expected. First the whole layout of a line waiting for the doors to open was disorganized and people were just standing around. When you first walked into the Hub you knew you had to go downstairs to the end of the line, although no one knew exactly where the line ended. Once you hit the second floor by the Starbucks, everything became chaotic. You were not able to move and SPA had people blocked off heading down towards the bookstore in the Hub. Students then became irritable and started to run and push past the SPA people creating almost a riot. Every direction you turned, people were pushing and you were not able to move. At this point, everyone was all for themselves, the police were screaming that we needed to get reorganized or that they were going to cancel the concert and kick people out. You would think that some kids would have gotten the memo to get it together but you’re wrong instead they continued to push. People were getting pushed over and stepped on just to try to get to the doors of Alumni Hall. As we got close to the doors to go in, backup came and started to yell at people and tell them to go home. It was messy and people were trying to back away from the cops but instead the cops started to grab people and drag them outside. It then became a party outside the Hub as people were trying to sneak back in without the cops noticing and then after the cops would not let people in, everyone left and went their sepa

rate ways.



21B HUB-Robeson Center


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