Penn State Fashion: David Alejandro Ossorio

David Ossorio is a Penn State student from the Cayman Islands, with talents that span from poetry to fashion. Walking through Penn state it is hard finding people that dress differently,

but every time I pass David on campus, I’m not disappointed. He always challenges the boundaries of fashion; I love seeing him wearing his peacock patterned pants and bright pants that make him stick out in the crowd. The first time David and I took pictures we ended up on a rooftop of a building downtown he looked stylish as always, but he could style anybody, he proved it as he surprised me with an outfit and ended up taking pictures of me. His fashion sense always inspired me, and he combines retro pieces with a modern twist. Recently he is in the design process of creating graphic T-shirts to brand his style. Keep a look out for his designs in the future. I got in touch with David for an interview about his roots in fashion and style advice.

How do you define fashion?

Fashion is the most outward expression of self in the tangible stylistic sense. Fashion goes

beyond clothing and more so the value associated with garments tied to different social and

emotional qualities.

What was the first moment you realized you loved fashion?

Fashion never really stood out to me before my

brothers’ deep connection to style and the fashion world. I credit him for introducing me to a world full of vibrant personalities and attitudes.

How do you use fashion in your daily life?

In my daily life, I try to incorporate the idea of "myself" in the way I dress. Whether an

expression of mood, current mental state or simple "I'll wear this today". I try to administer

personal detail and flavor for whoever is keen enough to notice such things.

Where do you get your clothes?

Haha.. my clothes are bought at the store. They also consist of hand me downs from my father

who is kind enough to share his Ralph, ferragamo and Mani.

Describe Penn state fashion in a sentence?

Penn state fashion is lazy fashion.

Any fashion advise for Penn state students?

As John Galiano said best "the joy of dressing is an art"

For those who want to venture forth, you might find personal value in this endeavor.

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