Fitness Spring Break Body Goals

So what are your Spring break body goals? We all have seen or tried those 10

-day workout and diet plans to lose weight. Many may want their body to be like Teyana

Taylor after Kanye West dropped his video Fade. Teyana Taylor clarified that all she did was dance to get her body together. No special diets, she ate all the regular foods she normally did. Reading things like that seem like you could have a hot spring break body in no time.

There’s also those trends on Instagram promoting how you can lose weight and results

are amazing. Flat Tummy Tea, 30

-day water challenge, 21-day fix are just a few to mention.Celebrities like India Westbrook, hip-hop rapper Gucci Mane’s girlfriend, Keyshawn Ka’oir promotes her waist eraser. India Love shared her everyday intense workout plan with her trainer.Though there are a variety of tips tricks and plans, it's all about how much work you put in to get to your goal.

Drink water to promote clearer skin, eat healthier foods instead of sweet and fatty foods, watch your portion sizes, and go to the gym for at least 30 minutes a day, and you will have your body your desired body in no time. Your spring break body will depend on what your regimen consists of. The mentioned trends can indeed help if you stick with them, but what you have to remember is everyone's body, and metabolism is different. A Spring break body is an achievable body with the right mindset.

Weightlifting is an integral part of your workout if reaching to gain bulkier muscles or to

become more toned. Whenever you work out your muscles groups, you are tearing down the

muscle fibers. It also isn’t effective to work on the same muscle group every day. Try to switch it

up. The fibers need time to recover and become stronger. Through this concept, you can bulk up

or tone through two different methods. If the goal is to increase strength, then doing low

repetitions of higher weight will lead to that goal by breaking down

the muscles a little more because of the more weight. If trying to get toned, then high repetitions with lower weights focus more on burning fats and in effect making the muscle firmer.

Additionally, running is the most common cardio that is believed to

be the best way to get the desired body. It is true that cardio is an important way to lose weight and slim down, not to mention it increases overall health, but that is not all it takes. From personal experience, I am unable to go on a run farther than a mile because it is unenjoyable, but I can play basketball for hours. It’s a personal preference, but there are other options other than going on a regular run.

For gaining muscle a diet high in protein is important. Eat foods like eggs, fish, and milk.

Those are only a few good examples for sources of protein. After speaking with trainers at Penn

State fitness facilities, they provided information about how your body becomes more absorbent

of nutrients after working out. Essentially, you are what you eat.

For those trying to get slimmer, you should have a balanced diet with healthy carbs,

proteins, and other nutrients. The important thing is to stay with the plan and to get adequate

exercise. It’s widely known that it takes about three weeks to form a habit

of going to the gym or dieting. Always remember to have your goal in mind so as soon as you want to give up, you will have a reminder.



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