Shopping in State College can be difficult, especially with the limited amount of retail stores in the area. Early in my college career, I came to the realization that to get the clothes I really wanted, I had to start shopping online. After being an avid online shopper throughout my three years at Penn State, I’ve become more “online shopping savvy”, and know a lot of the ins and outs of shopping online. Overall, to get the best shopping experience, best style selections, and most importantly, the best deals, is to shop online through mobile apps! Below are the fours best apps to use before making an online shopping purchase, and are in descending order.

1. Instagram – the everyday fashion inspiration: By following fashion forward celebrities, retail outlets, and of course your close friends, you are able to find the newest trends just by scrolling down your timeline a few minutes out of the day.

2. Pinterest – the trend tracker: This app allows you to search key words to filter the specific style that you are looking for, thus making it easy to track down the certain trends that coincide with that specific style.

3. Youtube – the virtual fitting room: This is a great place to find reviews for clothes! There are thousands of YouTubers that do reviews on certain fashion items and try them on for their subscribers to see. Not only do YouTubers review items, but they review their overall experience of shopping with a certain vendor. By using Youtube as a “virtual fitting room”, you can avoid some of the burdens of buying online, like buying the wrong size, or ordering from a site that takes long to ship your order.

4. The Hunt – the fashion search engine: This is the perfect app to find an item you’re looking for. It allows you to search items by describing how the items looks or uploading a picture of how it looks. This makes is easy to find one of a kind buys, styles that are no longer in season, or clothes that are not sold by popular retail chains.

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