NCNW Roll Bounce Skate Party

Penn State's National Council of Negro Women hosted their 3rd annual Roll Bounce Skate Party at Penn Skates on Thursday, February 25th. NCNW provided buses to and from campus for all students, just in time to kick off State Patty’s weekend with a bit of old school fun. This year NCNW picked a glow in the dark theme, having members greet guests with glow stick necklaces and bracelets at the door. NCNW also brought back fan favorite LTL Entertainment's Dj “Da Bol Jus” to provide the music.

Senior Brenee Wallace said she first heard about NCNW from a friend and started coming to meetings because it was “an empowering program for black women on campus”. Brenee said she hopes NCNW Roll bounce continues to happen, with possibly the same 90’s glow in the dark theme.

Many people trickled in with their glow in the dark themed outfits, some dressed in green in lieu of the state patty’s holiday. Others chose the 90’s theme and wore leggings, leg warmers, high waisted jeans, hooped earrings and other cool clothing from the era. Guys rocked items like kango hats, addidas sweatsuits, big gold chains, and MC Hammer style pants.

A lot of work goes into planning events such as the Skate Party and vice president of NCNW Jada Giles shared a few things that are a must for the event to go off successfully.

“Finding a good date where lots of people are here at State College that weekend, having the funds for the event, and lots of promotion through social media, flyers, and word of mouth,” Giles said. “Every year since 2014, it was such a good turn out that we decided to make an annual event”.

Giles said the outfits every year are really creative either in 90’s themed or State Patty’s attire, and the DJ always plays good throwback jams.

“The theme came about because of the movie Roll bounce, then State Patty’s became incorporated because it fell on the same weekend and people would show up dressed in green,” Giles said. “It was also inspired by the popular Beyonce song ‘Blow’, which was filmed in a skating ring with dancers dressed in glow in the dark themed outfits.”

NCNW created a fun night for Penn State students, with over one hundred people in attendance. The energy of the event was like a real throwback party with everyone enjoying themselves. Even with the DJ poking fun at some of the falls out on the skating ring, nobody was hurt, just a little embarrassed. If you didn’t go this year there's always next year for a chance to get your skate on.

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