Kyle Godwin

Sovereign caught up with Penn State alumnus, Kyle Godwin.

Godwin was a part of Alpha Phi Alpha’s Gamma Nu chapter and held a leadership role in the Black Male Leader Symposium. Godwin spoke to his experiences of being a transfer student from Penn State Harrisburg. He played basketball at Harrisburg with plans to transfer to University Park and become a third generation Alpha. Godwin graduated Penn State with a degree in Sports Broadcasting in 2008. Godwin ended his academic life with an internship at ESPN, thus landing his dream job.

While working at ESPN, Godwin helped start a multi award winning documentary series called The 30 for 30 Series. The show was nominated for five Emmy Awards and received one. That next year, Godwin won a Peabody Award. After all of his success at ESPN, Godwin decided to abort that mission. He explained feeling like he was not being recognized and appreciated in his department. He was the only minority among ten other workers. He noticed that throughout his time there, he was the only one who hadn’t been promoted. He left in 2014 and now he is an independent entrepreneur.

Godwin successfully created his own video production company called Marvalous Entertainment. They provide and create “thought provoking, life-inspiring creative content.”

Godwin is continuing his journey as an entrepreneur and shared some tips for students: “Practice what you want now. If you want to work for CBS, I want you to make a package for class and then for yourself so that you can have a professional profile available once graduation arrives,” said Godwin. He stressed the notion of networking and making friends with people in your field because you never know how helpful they could be in the future. “Start your show now! Start with the passion for it, and eventually you’ll learn the business side of things. You’ll have a great resume before even leaving college,” he said.

Godwin got a chance to share with Sovereign some interesting facts about himself. He was in the same movie as Oprah called Beloved. “I am absolutely infatuated with all types of music! From creating music to listening to it,” said Godwin. Lastly, he has a new success to add to his list: he is learning to be a father. Sovereign congratulated Kyle on his baking bundle of joy. Godwin ended with a tip to just follow your dreams and not to give up on what you like to do. “Right now is your biggest opportunity to network and be around the next working generation. So network and find your purpose.”

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