Multi-way Your Style into Spring!

Looking for something new to stunt in this spring? Bodysuits and multi-way dresses are making their way into almost every girl’s closet. The best part of these bodysuits and dresses is that you can wear them in different ways and no one will be able to tell that you’re wearing the same article of clothing as before. They are convenient to wear for a night out with your girls, or even for a day brunch with the family. These outfits can also be worn in the summer with shorts and sandals.

There are various ways you can wear them, depending on what style you get. Some of these bodysuits and dresses only allow you to change it up in two different ways, while there are other kinds that allow you to switch it up four different ways. There is the famous crossover style that wraps around your your bust, and another style that is tied around the waist and crossed over your back. It can be worn as a halter neck, or you can have the straps all go to one shoulder as well. These multi-way outfits give you room to be creative with the kind of look you are going for. Depending on the color of your outfit, you can match it up with black or nude heels and small jewelry to let the outfit do the talking. It creates an endless stunning look that flatters any body shape.

Being that they are currently trending, you can find multi-way outfits in various stores such as Misguided, Forever 21, FashionNova and LuLu’s.



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