Crochet Hair Tutorial

As an African American student, caring for your hair is always a challenge - especially while at school. Back at home, you may have went to the salon every two weeks, or had someone you know do it for you. Many women go natural during their college years because it's hard to get it done unless you know someone who can style it for you.

When going natural, there are two processes involved: you either grow out your hair or do “The Big Chop,” which requires you to cut off all processed ends. Women who go natural often lock their hair, put it into two strand twists, wear curly afros, or even put it into protective styles that guard it from every day wear and tear. Protective styles include anything from sew-ins, braids, weaves, wigs, crochet and more. Everyone does these styles differently. Most people learn to do them by learning from someone they know, or teaching themselves with YouTube tutorials.

Crochet styles have always been around, but have gotten a lot of buzz lately. The highlighted look is the loose curl style.

Step one: Braid your hair into cornrows. Be sure to add loose, synthetic hair to your cornrows to lighten the strain on your natural hair, especially your edges.

Step two: Use a latch hook to add the actual crochet hair. In this step, your tool is threaded underneath each individual braid, then your crochet hair is hooked onto the latch hook and pulled back underneath your cornrow. It should form a loop, and leave a portion of your hair on the other side of your cornrow. In other words, you’ll have hair on both sides of your cornrow.

Step three: Your hair on one side of your cornrow is pulled through your loop on the other side.

Step four: Repeat steps two and three along every cornrow, ultimately forming your finished style




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