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When deciding what to wear for an event, occasion, or even a regular day, many women often fall into the trap of "dressing to impress”. However, what they fail to consider is who they are dressing up for. Of course, dressing presentably to others is crucial, but to make dressing up a duty in order to feel appreciated by others is rather questionable.

Dang Trinh and Kaelyn Seok, both Penn State undergraduates class of 2016, came together to establish a fashion website they named Lush Liberated, to express their belief that dressing up is a time to appreciate yourself more rather than a time for others to appreciate you. Trinh confessed that, "the best part about being a woman is feeling confident with who you are, no matter your heritage or background, and a great way to exert this confidence is through fashion.”

Trinh is originally from Vietnam, but was born and raised in Russia. She came to the United States for the first time when she was 17 to begin her studies in Risk Management at Penn State. Similar to Trinh, Seok was also raised internationally, as she is originally from Korea but moved to Canada when she was 15. Seok came to the United States originally planning to go to fashion school and study fashion merchandising. Instead, she decided to complete a general business major in Supply Chain and Management Information Systems at Penn State. Fortunately, Trinh and Seok crossed paths during their journey at Penn State. They became close friends who not only shared a common interest in fashion, but similar values and outlooks on life as well.

Trinh and Seok initially created Lush Liberated to share their fashion styles and tips, but realized that fashion can go deeper than just looks. The styles that you choose for yourself tell a story of who you are, where you come from, and possibly who you will be. For this reason, Trinh and Seok not only write about shopping tips and daily outfit ideas, but their life lessons and traveling experiences as well. Lush Liberated is a space for which they can explore and express themselves.

When asked to wear something that they think represents them, Trinh and Seok put together their own unique styles which instilled their character and current sentiments.

Seok decided to wear a beautiful white blouse with a maroon high waist skirt, a black leather jacket, and ankle boot heels. Seok confessed that "[she] usually wears high waisted bottoms to elongate [her] legs and matches them with a pair of high heels.” Seok said that as a child she never liked wearing skirts because she thought it showed "weakness" as she was the smallest among her peers. She always preferred to wear jeans instead of skirts to make her look stronger. However, as she grew up, she realized that this was a misconception because it should not matter how other people perceive you. She realized that "dressing up is the time of the day where she gets to look good and feel confident about herself regardless of what other people think.”

Trinh believes that an outfit that would best represent her is one that shows a sense of empowerment. She decided to put together a bold outfit, consisting of a blue dress shirt, a colorful and sparkly jacket, paired with navy blue pants and silver shoes. However, Trinh clarified that her outfit does not only represent her, but also represented her feelings for that day. Trinh says that "your daily outfits determine 80% of how you will feel throughout the day," because each outfit contains some sort of sentiment.

Choosing your daily outfit should not be a difficult task if you do not worry too much about what others will think of you. If you dress to make yourself feel good, comfortable and confident, it will become more of a hobby than a duty. Dress for yourself, not to please somebody else, and let your lush be liberated.

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