February 10, 2017

David Ossorio is a Penn State student from the Cayman Islands, with talents that span from poetry to fashion. Walking through Penn state it is hard finding people that dress differently,

but every time I pass David on campus, I’m not disappointed. He always challenges t...

November 30, 2016

Shopping in State College can be difficult, especially with the limited amount
of retail stores in the area. Early in my college career, I came to the realization
that to get the clothes I really wanted, I had to start shopping online. After
being an avid online shoppe...

When deciding what to wear for an event, occasion, or even a regular day, many women often fall into the trap of "dressing to impress”. However, what they fail to consider is who they are dressing up for. Of course, dressing presentably to others is crucial, but to mak...

Looking for something new to stunt in this spring? Bodysuits and multi-way dresses are making their way into almost every girl’s closet.  The best part of these bodysuits and dresses is that you can wear them in different ways and no one will be able to tell that you’r...

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