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Sovereign is Penn State's FIRST magazine for students of color on the University Park campus. It was first blossoming into an organization and magazine outlet during the end of the fall 2015 semester by Adrienne Thompson. She recognized that there was not a media or publication on the University Park campus specifically for students of color. Adrienne decided to act upon this realization and began working on what Sovereign is today.

On January 7th, 2016 Sovereign officially became an organization recognized by Penn State University. The first people to be on her executive board and help her along the way was Elisa Jones, the Assistant Editor in Chief, Lisa Chiobi, the Finance Director, Brian Davis, the Business Director, and Briana Blackwell, the Secretary. Sovereign, after going through financial issues, scares and help from the Paul Robeson Cultural Center, they successfully published their first magazine. It was first released on April 27th, 2016.

TODAY Sovereign continues to showcase what the students of color do on this campus and is growing every day!


Sovereign aims to uplift, empower, inform and entertain specifically the students of color on Penn State’s University Park Campus.


Sovereign's purpose is to create an artistic space, inclusive and cultural magazine outlet for people of color on Penn State’s University Park campus regarding topics such as social justice, academics, fashion/beauty, fitness, entertainment, sports, campus highlights and other topics members see fit.


21B HUB-Robeson Center


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